Have you tried 'Virtual Regatta' sailing yet? I am planning to get a series of Hansa events up and running very soon, but in the meantime, download the app here and get practising! You will need to select the 'Inshore' option.

Hansa VR Series 2020 - How to create a Virtual Regatta Account

Hansa VR Series 2020 - Login

Useful EXTRACT from the Hansa VR Series - Login document (above)

Hints and Tips

From my limited experience, the following keyboard strokes are used to control the boat on the PC version. Alternatively you can tap on an onscreen box with a mouse. I assume these commands are replicated by tapping on the screen on a phone or tablet.

For All Boats:

Turn Left:- Left arrow key
Turn Right:- Right arrow key
Tack or Gybe:- T key
Let sails flap:- Hold space bar for the length of time you wish to flap sails

For Spinnaker Boats:

Hoist or Drop Spinnaker:- Tab key (usually a 3 second delay)

More Boat Commands:

Best VMG:- B key (disengaged if left or right arrow keys used)

Hansa VR Series 2020 - Notice of Race

EXTRACT from the Notice of Race. (See Notice of Race on the link above for full race details)

Race No. Date Time (CST) Info Results
Practise Saturday 30th May 3:00pm Practice Here
1 Tuesday 2nd June 3:00pm Event No 1 Here
2 Tuesday 9th June 3:00pm Event No 2 Here
3 Tuesday 16th June 3:00pm Event No 3 Here
4 Tuesday 23rd June 3:00pm Event No 4 Here
5 Tuesday 30th June 3:00pm Event No 5  
6 Tuesday 7th July 3:00pm Event No 6  
7 Tuesday 14th July 3:00pm Event No 7  
8 Tuesday 21st July 3:00pm Event No 8  
9 Tuesday 28th July 3:00pm Event No 9  
10 Tuesday 4th August 3:00pm Event No 10  

The event will be sailed using one of the boats available in Virtual Regatta.
Boats we will be using: - Star (non-spinnaker) or J70 (spinnaker), but we reserve the right to introduce other boats.

Further extract from Notice of Race. (See Notice of Race on the link above for full race details)


SCHEDULE for each Tuesday event.
Tuesday 2:00pm: Sailing Instructions will be sent by email to all entrants, including the race schedule and codes.
Tuesday 2:30pm: Link will be sent out for Zoom group
Tuesday 2:55pm: For those in the first race enter the necessary code to access the race in Virtual Regatta
Tuesday 3:00pm: First race
Tuesday Soon after previous race: Next races will follow on according to the race schedule. If there are 2 pools you will be racing alternate races
Tuesday 4:30pm: Target time for completion.

See how to participate below

Hansa VR Series 2020

Dear Hansa sailor

We hope that you are all keeping well during these strange times. To keep us amused Hansa have put together a series of 10 races and one practice race to keep us entertained. Notice of Race above.

Practise race – Saturday 30th May @ 3:00pm
1st Event starts Tuesday 2nd June @ 3:00pm,
then every Tuesday at the same time.
10th and final event will be Tuesday 4th August.

How to participate:

Create a user on Virtual Regatta - inshore. Go to https://www.virtualregatta.com/en/inshore-game/ You can download apps for iPhone and Android. You can also play directly from your internet browser from your laptop or pc.
Attached is a guide for how to sign up for a Virtual Regatta account – Hansa VR Series 2020 - How to create a Virtual Regatta Account or watch it on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFPc-dA6x-w
For a quick guide on how to use Virtual Regatta there is this from the RYA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_s2Ujk5VYI.
Most importantly, there is a sailing school in the app itself. Use this to get used to controlling the boat.
Hansa will run races according to the schedule in the NOR. Prior to the races you will be issued with a code by email.
To join a Custom Race follow the attached instructions: Hansa VR Series 2020 - Login

What to do next:

  1. Download Virtual Regatta and create a user account.
  2. Practice with Virtual Regatta!
  3. Download Zoom and create an account if you want to see and hear other racers. This makes it a lot of fun.
  4. Register your interest in the series by emailing these details to Regatta Contact
  5. You will receive an email if you are registered with Hansa (see point 4) when entries are open for the next event.
  6. Reply to this email before 6pm on the Monday before the next day’s event.
  7. 2pm on the day of the race you will receive an email and/or WhatsApp message containing the race schedule and codes that you will need for the event. Go to custom race and enter the codes when needed.
  8. Please, please, please sign up and regularly log your Hansa activity on SailActivity.

If you get stuck, you can call Bob on 0429 043045 or email to Regatta Contact